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If you are in the market for a massage chair for your home than you surely have come across the terms zero gravity. This is the latest in massage chair techniques to bring relaxation and pain relief to the home via a reclining chair that is easy to use for anybody who needs this relief. These chairs are being touted as the absolute best massage you will ever need as well as the replacement for your massage therapist. Plus you get to have the chair in your very home to use each and every day to assist you in getting rid of any stress or body pain you may be experiencing.

Sanyo is one of the leading companies with their zero gravity massage chair models with not only the anti gravity features but also some of the most in demand features available on any massage chair to date. Zero gravity massage chairs may sound exotic but in reality it is a simple concept. These chairs recline back during the massage to the point the gravity around you does not take its usual effect on your body. This removes so much strain from your skeletal system that the massage is much more effective than the massage alone in the sitting position. This is based on NASA technology on the best position for the astronauts so the science is very well grounded and worth the try especially if you are prone to chronic pain.

If you are like me music has the power to really relax you, and many masseuse use the technique of synchronizing your massage along with the music to help in relaxing their clients. The Omega Montage massage chair uses this same technique in a convenient easy to use chair for your home. This model will allow you to import MP3 files from your home PC to your massage chair that it will synchronize the massage with while you sit back and relax. This feature is extremely popular with lots of people, and this is definitely true of athletes who are looking for a way to relax after a long workout.

Massage chairs have become very sophisticated and are capable of getting all kinds of information regarding your body with a scan. Chairs such as the Inada Robostic then compares the result of the scan it does on your body with 100 profiles it has stored to compare your reading with to help it best give you the massage you need to relieve your stress and pain. Whether you use the programmable feature or manually control the chair with the convenient easy to operate joystick these massage chairs are not too difficult to control despite the advanced electronics.

I am prone to severe headaches that often turn into migraines and have experimented with reflexology when I feel that a headache is coming on in order to beat it to the pass so to speak. Reflexology is the practice where specific spots are massaged on the bottom of the feet to alleviate problems in other parts of the body. At first I was very skeptical of massaging the bottoms of my feet to alleviate my headaches, but once a certain point in my foot was massaged it did alleviate the pain significantly.

Of course finding someone to massage my feet when I have a headache is not always easy, matter of fact it is rare. Plus those foot massager boxes you get at the store just do not cut it as they do not target specific points. But the Panasonic Massage Lounger has the capabilities built right into the massage chair so that you can target not just parts of your body with the chair, but even specific parts of the foot as well so you can use reflexology to alleviate pain in any part of your body even headaches.

If you have lots of aches and pains in your body and could use a deep tissue massage to alleviate your body from these issues a Human Touch massage chair may be the answer to your problems. In 15 minutes a day one of these chairs can change your life and make you will feel so much better. The HT 125 uses a special needing and percussion technique to give you a deep tissue massage that will leave you feeling wonderful. This technique is the preferred method for deep tissue massage according to the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists.

If you are looking for a massage chair that can truly give you can all over massage the Inada Sogno is he chair you should consider. The way this chair is designed to cocoon your body you will get a amazing 1200 inches of coverage, which is the most area of your body compared to other massage chairs. For the user this is the most relaxing chair you will find.

The coverage is complete from head to toe starting with your neck and reaching far down to the tips of your fingers and toes. The chair also does a very effective job no matter how tall the user is. Other massage chairs do not do as well when the user is taller or shorter than average, but not the Sogno massage chair.

These sleek and stylish massage chairs have only been on the market a short time, but when they were first introduced by Inada in February they created a major stir in the massage chair industry. This chair is revolutionizing not only the appearance of a massage chair but also the attention to details such as the very easy to use remote control is making everyone stop and see just what a massage chair can be.

For those looking for real stress relief to help them relax in the evenings after a long day at work no matter what they do for a living the Inada Robo Chair is the ticket to pure relaxation for a more comfortable body. Once your body is relaxed and free of aches and pains you will find your sleep better and this will lead to a better day at work each and every day. The Robo Chair uses the three basic movements of massage; grip, scoop, and knead, to relax your muscles as well as your mind. There are many reviews out there about these amazing massage chairs if you are seeking more information on whether this is the chair for you.